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Create and develop your own water observatory using the open data on drought

EMI Vigilance enables you to view and analyse the data from your environmental observation stations, which have been enhanced with contributions from open government data. This gives you a powerful tool for monitoring, computing and decision-making with respect to the water resources in your extraction area.


By using EMI, you will…

Enhance your water observatory with the contributions from open data

Integrate the relevant open data to round out the data from your own water observatory

Save time

Raw data are valuated automatically and transformed into indicators
Preconfigured charts are available
Create pivot graphs containing all your data with just one click
Preconfigured reports are available and can be modified in Word

Take advantage of a tool that adapts to your existing system

Adapts to your IT architecture
All types of sensors and supervision can be integrated
Structure & homogenise your data automatically to the SANDRE format

Proceed with peace of mind while being informed at the right time

Any data that are potentially invalid are discarded automatically from the calculations
Maintenance alerts on your sensors
Receive notifications when a risk associated with your resource evolves
Receive reports and dashboard updates automatically

Share information easily

Create an unlimited number of "Administrator" and "User" accounts
Grant access to your data via a web-based application with no restriction on the number of users
Data interchange with any other type of database is easy via a dedicated API

Intuitive interface makes using the app a breeze

Use of the latest innovations in technology and app infrastructures
Interface that's intuitive, user-friendly and suitable for all types of hardware (PC, tablets, smartphones)
No software installation required

A comprehensive observatory
of the water resources in your extraction area

Centralise, view and analyse
all the data useful to support your decision-making

Centralise and view the data from your environmental observation stations

Gauging stations
Weather stations
River alert stations
Multi-parameter quality probes
Any request from a observation station producing time-stamped data

Enhance these with open government data

Climatic data
Water course flow, data
National Observatory on Low Water Levels
Water table level, data


An application designed for professionals
in the water industry responsible for monitoring

Raw data validation/filtering
The application detects possible malfunctions in metrology and filters invalid or missing data.
Numerous tools for data analysis
Maps, prebuilt charts, pivot charts, data export... all to facilitate analysis and decision-making.
Notifications (Email-SMS)
You're automatically alerted of any abnormal situation: defective sensor, change in the status of an indicator, malfunction, etc.
Document management and intervention management
EMI Vigilance enables you to centralise your technical documents and to track your field interventions.
Daily calculation of drought indicators
The application interprets your raw data and transforms them into indicators to support decision-making, according to the calculation rules from international standards.
Drought news bulletin
The application generates and sends personalised reports according to your desired frequency.

Create and receive automatic reports.

Example of the observatory created for Syndicat des eaux de la manche (The Manche Region Water Union, SDEAU 50).

Manage maintenance of your stations.

Create pivot charts from the data originating from your stations.

Protection of your data

Security and confidentiality are assured

Your data remain strictly confidential, securise and hosted on servers in France.


Our clients

Communauté d'agglomération Coulommiers Pays de BrieCommunauté de Communes Terres TouloisesNevers agglomerationSMNEPSMAEPEaux Sud CalvadosCommune de Souppes sur Loing
Eau du MarbihanSyndicat Intercommunal d'adduction et de distribution d'eau potable du Bas PaysSyndicat des Eaux Rocailles-BellecombeSyndicat des eaux de Seurre - Val de SaoneSyndicat départemental de l'eau de la MancheCommune de Saint-Affrique